Private show, stripper secrets part 1 of 3

Posted by minx admin on Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Interview with a Stripper

The Private Show Part I of III

Minx: Dominique, since you have been such a big hit on our blog, we wanted to further probe you in helping new dancers gain some insight into the life of an exotic entertainer. You have mentioned already the importance of preparing for the podium, but what about the private show? Why is it so important?

Dominique: Every dancer needs to understand that the private show is always going to be their primary source of income. No matter which strip club you work in, and no matter how the system is set up, making customers get up and purchase a show is what effectively pays you. Although tips are great, from my experience I have seen many a stripper make the mistake of neglecting to sell private shows, and ask for tips from various customers on the floor instead. 

Minx: So what are the consequences of this?

Dominique: What happens is that they become too reliant on the tips, and either lose the knack or motivation to sell a private show when there are limited tips available. As Minx is the most exclusive gentleman’s club in Sydney, we have many regulars who don’t like being pushed into tipping girls when they know they can get much more for their money in a private room. Also, dancers who rely on tips often isolate themselves from the other entertainers which makes it difficult for them to get into group shows. As many of the high rollers at Minx like to bring their clients in and spend the night away, these group shows tend to make up a lot of your earnings over and above what you’d get from cash tips. 

Minx: That’s great insight. And forgive me for being so naïve, but what actually happens once you get customers into a private room?

Dominique: (Laughs) Plenty of things! As much as you are selling yourself on the floor and on podium, once the customer has purchased a show the sale isn’t done yet. They can always extend! Once I have escorted my customer into our private room, I always make sure they are seated and comfortable, and make some light conversation to keep the mood if they are a little nervous. 

Minx: And from there? How do you know what different customers want?

Dominique: It really just depends on who you get. But generally I assume that all the clients I get want nudity, even if they don’t want to admit it. After all it is what they paid for! When training new exotic entertainers, I always reinforce the importance of starting off with a slow and sensual strip tease. For two main reasons- firstly, so you can gauge how your customer is feeling and determine what they want out of your show. Secondly, so you don’t tire out too quickly. I have seen many new dancers come out of a 30 minute show exhausted because they have come in with all guns blazing! Also, you have to keep in mind that your customer might extend. I once booked 30 minutes with one customer who ended up extending for four extra hours! 

Minx: Wow. There are so many more questions for me to ask but it seems you have to go on podium soon. Are you able to enlighten us another time?

Dominique: Of course! There are so many aspects to a private show we would be here all week if I went through it all at once. Besides, topics like performing in group shows and dealing with different types of customers need to be explained in detail. See you soon! 

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