Halloween @ Minx

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Halloween @ Minx

Minx Bar is still keeping party spirits high leading up to Melbourne Cup with our famous Halloween celebration on October 31st. Halloween is on the Friday before the race that stops the nation, we will have extra stunning entertainers in sexily spooky dress ready to keep your heart pounding! 

Here at Minx Bar, we like to provide all the entertainment so please come in your normal smart casual dress and let all our gorgeous dancers do the dressing up. Although you may not meet Jigsaw or Hannibal Lecter- did you really want to? On October 31st, be prepared for an abundance of sexy heroines and villains such as Wonder Woman, Tomb Raider, Catwoman, and lots of other creative attire that our hot entertainers can come up with. Not only that, our beautiful waitresses and managers are dressing up for the occasion as well so that you will be spoilt for choice with who you would like to meet first!

We will open our doors at 4pm to start the festivities, so that if you and your mates can sneak out of work early you can be first to see our sexy strippers in their Halloween gear. Between 4pm to 8pm our lovely hostesses at the door are also giving away free lap dance vouchers for those who pay the entry fee, so that your Halloween weekend can be kicked off with a bang! 

Before Minx Bar kicks off into the early hours of the morning, be sure to order something to eat off our delicious a la carte menu. The Minx restaurant offers a range of delicious entrees and mains served until late, so that you have plenty of fuel to last the night! All our dining tables face directly to the stage, so you can be entertained by continuous topless podiums while you eat- if you don’t already have one (or more) of our dazzling entertainers by your side. 

From there, be sure to take your gorgeous dancer into a private show. Our hostesses can guide you through a variety of options for your private dance, depending on how much fun you want to have! All our private shows are compulsory full nude, so that you get to see your dream heroine strip down from her Halloween gear into all her naked glory, regardless of whether you only have time for a small 20 minute teaser or purchase the works- the full hour show. 

Tables are first come, first served so make sure you and your mates arrive early to get prime position and first pick of our sexy strippers!

Sydney CBD Melb Cup Lunch

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Sydney's businessman's Melb Cup Lunch 

Tuesday 4th November 2014, is the day Minx Gentleman's Club opens its doors for the best businessman's Melb Cup lunch in the cbd. The fun lasts all day & night and is the sexiest way to celebrate the race that stops the nation. Our dancers will parade in their finest lingerie from the start and there is only one way they will go and that is full nude, all for your pleasure and to make this Minx Melbourne Cup event the best yet.  

A Minx Melbourne Cup lunch is a great business opportunity for you to show your appreciation to your best clients or a business partner, alternately it can be a great way to reward your key staff . It is ideal for our exclusive patrons to make a lasting impression with their select business clients. Our lunch tables are strictly reservation only and are in very high demand, so book in early to make sure you and your clients are in prime position for all the fun. The Cup race itself is shown live on our big screen so you won’t miss a moment of the action!

Included in your package price, appetizers, entrees, and mains are served by our gorgeous waitresses before the race begins to make sure your business function has plenty of fuel to last the whole day & night at Minx Bar. During this time we will still have a continuous topless showcase of our gorgeous entertainers on our main stage, with the addition of a couple of nude and double surprises along the way! 

On top of this, you and your guests will be treated to plenty of exotic entertainment in anticipation of the big Melbourne Cup race. Expect to be treated by plenty of lap dances, in addition to pop-up podiums so you can enjoy double (or triple) the action! Although our entertainment for Melbourne Cup 2014 is still going to be kept a secret, we can assure you that we will knock your socks off!

Although we have plenty of beautiful dancers ready to party and strip the night away during our opening hours all year round, as Melbourne Cup is our most exclusive event and our biggest day of the year, our stunning strippers are vying to reserve a position on our Cup roster. This means that only our best entertainers will be ready and waiting to shake their booty for you and your party on the day. Just like the thoroughbreds giving it their all on Cup day, watch our own prize-winners perform like you have never seen them perform before! 

Tables are filling fast. To make a reservation, call 1300 789 987 and let us make your Melbourne Cup 2014 a day to remember!

Melb Cup lunch 2014

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Melbourne Cup Lunch 2014 

Minx Gentleman’s Club “Melbourne Cup Lunch” is the most talked about Sydney CBD cup event. At three o’clock, Tuesday 4th of November 2014 the nation may stop to watch a horse race but come to the best strip club in the Sydney CBD that day and you will be left breathless as you enjoy your Cup luncheon with our Minx dancers.

Melb Cup 2014 lunch At Minx, our Melbourne Cup event goes on throughout lunch, dinner, and to the wee hours of the morning. The Cup is not just about the horse race, it’s about rounding up your greatest mates and allowing Minx to create an unforgettable event. Last year the horn section of the “Blues Brothers Revival Band” lit up the stage, playing live music to accompany our sexy stage dancers. This also got all our other entertainers very excited, and very soon the whole floor was covered in topless women shaking their tailfeather! 

This year, Minx is set to double the extravagance! Like our current VIP members know so well, Melbourne Cup lunch will include the treats that you would get from any other great function at Minx. Guests will receive appetizers, entrees, mains, and exclusive access to both stage shows and private entertainment by our hand-selected dancers. Specifically for Melbourne Cup, our big screen will show all the racing action. Our TAB runner will run the sweep and lucky door prizes so that you don’t have to lift a finger. 

After the race and lots of nudity from our tantalising dancers, our Cup lunch guests get first pick of the private rooms before we open to the public. The Melbourne Cup party then extends well into the evening, and Cup lunch guests are more than welcome to stay back and keep the party pumping. 

Let our own thoroughbreds entertain you with full nude entertainment, and let our flirty waitresses and gorgeous hostesses make Melbourne Cup 2014 a day to remember! We have chosen to keep the theme of this Cup luncheon a secret for now. While it adds to the suspense, it also gives us more time to make our Cup day extra special, with a double dose of Minx Magic.

Stay tuned for our Melbourne Cup theme reveal! To book a table and avoid disappointment call 1300 789 798. 

Naked Sushi

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The Art of Naked Sushi

Using a gorgeous naked woman as a sushi platter is an experience that is not often forgotten. At Minx Bar, the most exclusive gentleman’s club in Sydney, our naked sushi appetiser is sure to get your taste buds (and a whole lot of other things) tingling. 

What is naked sushi?

Minx offers naked sushi as the first course of our VIP function package. This is our most exclusive entertainment package, where you and your guests watch in awe as some of our sexy entertainers disrobe and lie naked up close and personal on your dining table. After this, delectable sushi treats are placed all over her body. Then it’s time to eat! Our incredible entertainers also find this great fun as they literally become a human plate, and staying still while chatting and giggling can be very tricky!

The rules….

Have fun, be amazed and enjoy snacking from our naked platter but remember it is a feast for the eyes as well as for your taste buds, where you get to enjoy some of Sydney's freshest sushi & sashimi. We only ask that you don't touch the china. 

The surprise…

After your guests have had their fill, they get to watch our erotic entertainers doing what they do best. Watch as your sushi platter transforms to an erotic full nude private show. Our sexy dancers that will blow your mind right in front of you! Naked sushi is the closest you can get to see our strippers dance without actually being in a private show, and many people who have experienced naked sushi say the best part is that everyone else in the club gets to see what they’re missing out on! 
Naked sushi at Minx is a great way to get your guests to relax and have a good time once they arrive at our strip club. Our friendly waitresses and hostesses, coupled with our tantalising dancers are very experienced at ensuring you and whoever you need to impress have a night that will be almost impossible to forget! 

Book a VIP function at Minx...

It only takes one phone call, to get your function booked and organised. Make your exclusive get-together with clients or friends a success by letting the Minx management and amazing staff do the rest of the work! Each function is specifically designed for each group and pre-planned long before you arrive so that you get the best possible experience at Minx Gentleman’s Club.

To book your function, call 1300 789 798. 

Sydney’s premier strip club Minx is located in the middle of the CBD, which is centrally located to a range of bars and clubs and we know that a great night should start with naked sushi…. 

Strip Club party

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Private Strip Club party at Minx

A private function on a Saturday night at the best strip club in Sydney will make your bucks party, sexy birthday party or corporate event a night to remember

Saturday functions at Minx are an experience and one you will never forget. Whether you are celebrating buck’s night, birthday or wanting a team building corporate get-together Minx has the most beautiful ladies and event management team to design and cater for all types of functions, big or small, loud or intimate. Turning your ideas into a hassle free events is what the Minx team does best. As these functions are private affairs, we get to cater to your every wish....... so long as its legal and your girlfriend doesn't find out.  

In this blog, we have asked our managers, cocktail and bar staff, as well as our sexy dancers to create a list of reasons why you should think of Minx when planning you next Saturday event. Private bucks party at Minx

So why is a private function at Minx so good?


As Minx is only open on Saturdays for private bookings, your function get the use of the whole club, the attention of the dancers and our service staff all to yourself. You supply us with a guest list and our strict door management ensures that nobody crashes your party. It is a shut door to the general public. 

VIP Treatment

The initial buy-in for venue hire on a Saturday includes exclusive VIP treatment. Only the best dancers are hand-selected by our managers to ensure a party that won’t be forgotten! Additionally, gorgeous wait staff, bar staff, hostesses, and a private DJ are included in venue hire. Food can be arranged as canapes or in three set courses for more formal dining. 

Continuous Entertainment

The Minx stage provides continuous topless dancing all night long. In addition, nude and double nude shows are included in venue hire, as well as mass lap dances from all our dancers! This, coupled with chatty waitresses and hostesses, ensures that the atmosphere is kept at a maximum and all your guests are entertained throughout the night. Although the private DJ carefully chooses his own unique mix according to the needs of each function, song and genre requests are most welcome! 

What our managers has to say:  

To describe what it is like to be a part of a function at Minx, we asked one of our hostesses Abby to provide some more information on what to expect.

Minx: So what is so good about Saturday functions?

Abby: Holding your function on a Saturday when the club is closed off to the public is a great way to make an impression on your friends or clients, or celebrate an extra special occasion. As the only people in the venue, guests can be guaranteed that they get 100% of the staff’s attention. It really gives the staff an opportunity to demonstrate what ‘Minx Magic’ really is about! I remember the last buck’s night that was here- it was crazy! There were about 30 guys, and they were all heaps of fun. Actually by the end of the night I felt Minx had morphed into a nightclub- everyone was getting their groove on to great music, and we even had a handful of guys try to compete with us (the hostesses) in a dance competition on stage! We won, of course. 

Minx: Of course you did. So how would anyone interested go about in booking a Saturday function at Minx?

Abby: It’s very easy. You just need to call up and enquire, and we can provide you with all the information you need. Saturday functions are generally catered towards larger groups, however we are also great at doing very exclusive and intimate parties. Weekday lunch functions are also available. So call me on 1300789798 and lets work it out.  

Stripper secret interview part 3 of 3

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Interview with a Stripper Part III of III

Minx welcomes its highest earning exotic dancer back for the last of this 3 part interview on stripping in private shows, where she shares secrets of her job in the erotic adult world of Sydney's best strip club, Minx.  

Minx: Welcome back Dominique for the final instalment of our blog series on private show fundamentals!

Dominique: Thank you, it’s great to be back. 

Minx: So over the past month you have given us great insight into how to book a private show, and how to behave in a private show, even when customers can get a bit grabby! However this is mainly referring to one-on-one shows. Are the dynamics different when you are working with other dancers and/or more than one customer?

Dominique: Absolutely! Group shows can be super fun, but also super tricky! More often than not, there’s so many things going on that for new dancers especially it can be a bit overwhelming. As an exclusive strip club in Sydney’s CBD, Minx is excellent at catering for corporate functions and events. When corporates come in with their clients, I always grab a few girls that can sit with me and mingle with the group. 

Stipper jobs  at best strip club Sydney Minx

Minx: Why is there a need for extra girls? Wouldn’t you make more money for yourself if you decided to sit with them on your own? 

Dominique: Well, it doesn’t quite work that way. First of all, sitting with a group of guys on your own is very exhausting and tends to limit the group atmosphere. If you have a relatively even ratio of men and women, the atmosphere lifts tremendously as lots of little conversations are going on and everyone is occupied- it becomes more like a party! And from there, the whole group is likely to go for a big show. And big shows go for longer periods of time because naturally, they want to prolong the party. From there, it becomes a snowball effect. The girls that you bring into that show will try and get you into their future shows, and so on and so forth. So effectively, forming allies is a long term investment!

Minx: That’s a fantastic way of looking at it. So obviously group shows vary quite a lot, depending on whether they are buck’s parties, corporate functions, or just a group looking for a good time out. Is there a rule of thumb for how dancers should handle group shows?

Dominique: Yes and no. Like stripping for single customers, each group has a different dynamic from the next. And not only that, the other dancers in the show will add to the dynamic. And this is the most important part! There are often times when entertainers give away too much- like allow touching or get too intoxicated. This becomes troublesome for the other dancers in the show, as the customers then expect the same from them- or focus all their attention on the girl that’s a bit loose. 

Minx: I can see how that would ruin the atmosphere of a private show. So in this scenario, how would you turn things around? 

Dominique: One of the quickest ways is to have a private word with the dancer, and ask her to follow the group’s lead as her behaviour is affecting the show. Otherwise you can quickly excuse yourself from the show, and grab a manager who can talk to her.  

Minx: And what about if the customers are the ones trying to push the boundaries? 

Dominique: It’s quite easy actually. If all the dancers are on the same page, then the customers in the group show will be much more likely to behave according to the rules as you literally have a mini army at your side to set them straight!

Private show, stripper secrets part 2 of 3

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Interview with a Stripper

The Private Show Part II of III

Minx: Thanks so much for coming back Dominique. So picking up where we left off, in Part I you introduced us to ‘private show fundamentals’, where you talked about what budding new dancers should expect when they walk into a private room with a new customer. So what next- how do you keep the customer interested throughout the duration of the show? 

Dominique: Like it is when you first sit a customer down, you really have to decide what they might want from you. For example, many of my regulars are happy to sit and chat for hours while I have my clothes on. And in contrast, I do have some regulars that want to see me dance the whole time! But in general, I do a bit of both. A typical hour show involves small intervals of talking and dancing, and even talking and dancing at the same time. I’ve found that customers love when shows are unpredictable. One of my no-fail tricks in surprising a customer while we are talking in a private show is to gasp mid-sentence, excuse myself profusely for getting carried away with the conversation, and continue dancing. This way the customer thinks his conversation was so interesting he’s made you forget how to do your job, which is the ultimate form of flattery and almost guarantees an extension because he is dying to continue the conversation!

Minx: Wow, you do have plenty of good tricks up your sleeve! But being a good stripper seems to involve good conversational skills. Is this true?

Dominique: It’s not the only thing that gets you shows, but it does help. One of the many perks of having such a social job is that you learn so much from the conversations that you have with customers. I’ve learnt so many things about the legal system, science, philosophy, business, sports, even the sex industry!  But you have to be careful that you never really ask about a customer’s personal life, unless of course they want to divulge that information with you. 

Minx: And why is that? 

Dominique: Well think about it. Many customers have families and important businesses that they might want to keep on the down-low when they walk into a strip club. Just like new dancers choose to have a stage name to differentiate themselves from who they are during the day, some customers like to escape reality a little and distance themselves from what they do in the real world. 

Minx: That’s fair enough. So you’ve breezed through the easy customers. But obviously you get some customers who don’t always follow the rules?

Dominique: Definitely. Especially on busier nights like Thursday and Friday, while you still get your regulars you also get lots of the public coming through. 

Minx: I would imagine the Thursday and Friday crowd would be quite rowdy. Is this the case?

Dominique: Honestly, in all my years working at Minx I have never come across a situation that either management or security can’t handle. As Minx is the most exclusive gentleman’s club in Sydney, the security at the front door is always right on top of screening customers in case they might want to cause trouble. Additionally, the beautiful managers running the floor are great at spotting and amending problems either when or before they happen. 

Minx: So it sounds all well and good on the floor. But what about dealing with a potential troublemaker in a private show?  

Dominique: I really think it’s about how you handle them. Many new strippers fall into the trap of letting the customers decide for themselves what they can and can’t do, but you need to draw a distinct line about the rules. In group shows especially, hands can go all over the place! As Minx is a non-touching club, being caught allowing customers to touch you can get you into a lot of trouble. If a customer ever decides to get a little ‘grabby’, I calmly hold his hands and place them by his sides. If they continue to touch, then I make him sit on his hands. Another version that works a treat is to tie his wrists up behind his back with my bra! Also, I like to let them know that the more they behave, the more they see. That puts them in their place quite quickly! 

Minx: That’s fantastic advice for new dancers. So far you have explained in detail about what new exotic entertainers might expect when they do private shows. Is there anything else to learn?
Dominique: Absolutely! As a dancer you have to be prepared for anything and everything! Next week I was really hoping to go into group show dynamics, and working well with other dancers in a private show, which is such an important part of doing well and earning big money at Minx.

Minx: And why is that?

Dominique: (winks) Well I guess you’ll have to tune in next time and see…

Private show, stripper secrets part 1 of 3

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Interview with a Stripper

The Private Show Part I of III

Minx: Dominique, since you have been such a big hit on our blog, we wanted to further probe you in helping new dancers gain some insight into the life of an exotic entertainer. You have mentioned already the importance of preparing for the podium, but what about the private show? Why is it so important?

Dominique: Every dancer needs to understand that the private show is always going to be their primary source of income. No matter which strip club you work in, and no matter how the system is set up, making customers get up and purchase a show is what effectively pays you. Although tips are great, from my experience I have seen many a stripper make the mistake of neglecting to sell private shows, and ask for tips from various customers on the floor instead. 

Minx: So what are the consequences of this?

Dominique: What happens is that they become too reliant on the tips, and either lose the knack or motivation to sell a private show when there are limited tips available. As Minx is the most exclusive gentleman’s club in Sydney, we have many regulars who don’t like being pushed into tipping girls when they know they can get much more for their money in a private room. Also, dancers who rely on tips often isolate themselves from the other entertainers which makes it difficult for them to get into group shows. As many of the high rollers at Minx like to bring their clients in and spend the night away, these group shows tend to make up a lot of your earnings over and above what you’d get from cash tips. 

Minx: That’s great insight. And forgive me for being so naïve, but what actually happens once you get customers into a private room?

Dominique: (Laughs) Plenty of things! As much as you are selling yourself on the floor and on podium, once the customer has purchased a show the sale isn’t done yet. They can always extend! Once I have escorted my customer into our private room, I always make sure they are seated and comfortable, and make some light conversation to keep the mood if they are a little nervous. 

Minx: And from there? How do you know what different customers want?

Dominique: It really just depends on who you get. But generally I assume that all the clients I get want nudity, even if they don’t want to admit it. After all it is what they paid for! When training new exotic entertainers, I always reinforce the importance of starting off with a slow and sensual strip tease. For two main reasons- firstly, so you can gauge how your customer is feeling and determine what they want out of your show. Secondly, so you don’t tire out too quickly. I have seen many new dancers come out of a 30 minute show exhausted because they have come in with all guns blazing! Also, you have to keep in mind that your customer might extend. I once booked 30 minutes with one customer who ended up extending for four extra hours! 

Minx: Wow. There are so many more questions for me to ask but it seems you have to go on podium soon. Are you able to enlighten us another time?

Dominique: Of course! There are so many aspects to a private show we would be here all week if I went through it all at once. Besides, topics like performing in group shows and dealing with different types of customers need to be explained in detail. See you soon! 

Stripper interview (part 2)

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Stripper Interview (part 2)

An interview with Dominique 

Learning to become a stripper and understanding that the skills needed to seduce can come naturally in part, but having some hints delivered from a successful Minx Dancer will help ensure that you get the most out of being an exotic entertainer. Minx the best strip club in Sydney, continues with part two of our interview with one of our most successful dancers who to protect the innocent we have called “Dominique”.

Minx: So Dominique last time we spoke we finished off with discussing promoting of other dancers to a patron when he has not chosen you. I don’t imagine this happens often to you and it leads me to ask, beautiful as you are, what are your tips on being noticed over the other dancers?

Stripper lips

Dominique: You know one of the simplest tricks is the old “learn to walk with a book on your head”. Its true models have been doing this for decades and the key of practicing this is that you need to keep your chin up and shoulders back. This in turn allows you to strut your stuff with confidence. It is confidence that the patron first recognizes and it grabs his attention and well, once you have caught their attention half the battle is over.

Minx: what else do you do to catch their attention?

Dominique: good grooming is essential which naturally includes hair, nails, makeup and scent (including sweet smelling breath). There is no prerequisite on style here …. In fact I have known girls that go for an off beat style such as Harajuki or punk, and pull it off because of their confidence and attention to grooming. I believe that if you are going to do something then make sure you do it well. Though there is a risk in these off beat styles having limited appeal to patrons, if you are the only one working it, you can do alright. Irrespective of your style remember good deportment also means minding your P&Q's. So by all means talk provocatively in low voice but avoid swearing, as gutter talk is bogan and trash talking other dancers or patrons is a turnoff to well heeled gentlemen. 

Minx: So costume is a part of your styling?

Dominique: Costume not so much , I mean costumes are fun on themed or fantasy nights  or part of a feature show, but that is where you should leave it otherwise you will be branded as the cowgirl or police chick and this quickly becomes stale. No your outfit should be styled in a revealing way so as to illuminate your assets whether it is a great bust line, hot arse or great legs. We all have something to show and make sure they see it or at least get a glimpse of what can be. It is all about styling not costume.

Minx: can you explain what you mean by “A glimpse of what can be”

Stripper nickers

Dominique: Sure, this is an important part of securing the private show. As by now you have walked into the club lounge with your shoulders back, chin up, exuding confidence with your polished grooming and immaculate styling. You have caught the eye of a patron admiring you. Then either before you go over to him or shortly after introducing yourself, you inadvertently adjust your outfit in such a way as to reveal more than he expected. Thus showing him “a glimpse of what could be” if he was to take you into a private show. Flirt with what you've got in such a way and from a distance to be something he can’t have, or at least not until he books the show. After all a private show is where all the real fun happens 

Minx: That is great advice and I am sure new dancers to stripping will certainly benefit from. Thank you so much for being up front and candid in this interview we really appreciate it.

Dominique: you know it is my pleasure as when I first started at Minx the other dancers were so helpful to me, they guided me through many nervous nights and assisted me in getting the most out of exotic dancing. Even today I am thrilled to be part of the Minx team as everyone from management to other dancers are so supportive and it is rare to see any bitchy behavior. So I am more than happy to give the girls some hints to my success and hope that they too can be successful and happy at Minx, the best strip club in Sydney.


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