Stripper Dress

Posted by minx admin on Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Stripper Dress  

If you are thinking of becoming a Stripper, working as an Exotic Dancer or dreaming of being a Burlesque Star, you will be faced with the question of what to wear. No doubt you will end up in your birthday suit, but there is a strategy to getting naked and earning good money in the process. Choosing a club like Minx Gentlemen’s Club with it's high standards, and matching your level of deportment and grooming to those standards, is one of the keys to having a successful stripping career.

Minx Gentlemen’s Club is regarded as Sydney’s best strip club largely because of the class of it's ladies. The dancers, who perform there, are not all from the same “Barbie” mold, they vary in type: from Hollywood glamour to sophisticated chic, from exotic foreign lands to the girl next door. However they all have one thing in common, a sense of style and a grace, which adds to the elegance of how they disrobe. 

There is a myth that stripper clothes need to evoke the trashy slutty side of fashion, well no doubt that would attract attention of the patrons but not the sort of attention that will earn you admiration and money. The truth is you need to dress to create the desired impression on your audience, maintaining an eye catching appearance has a lot to do with the confidence and poise you hold as much as the dress itself. Furthermore the undergarments must further add to you owning the situation. Capturing the attention of patrons this way is one reason why the ladies at Minx are regarded so highly.    

The female management at Minx will assist you in finding the best style that will help make you the centre of attention. We have designed and made many of the outfits worn by our leading dancers and also hold a stock of suitable dresses that are for sale or hire which will help you get a start in the industry. Here are some simple tips to follow that may get you on to the right track in your pursuit to be a successful stripper.

The dress has to fit with your body shape and we know that with each body shape there is a style that is sexy, so find that style and then work it to show off your best assets. Remember sexy can be feminine & sweet, as much as it can be strong & sophisticated. 

Once you have found the right shape dress for your body, you will need to think about how you will be moving when you are on stage. A gown may work if you’re a sensual slow dancer on the podium but not if you are active & athletic on the pole. Sometimes you may have to vary your dance style to your dress or amp up the show once you have stripped off that first layer. 

It is important that the dress is not too complicated in the design. Fumbling with difficult clasps, ties or zips is not a good look and detracts from the tease in strip tease. Also you want to be able to get dressed again with little fuss when exiting the stage or a private show. It is advisable to practice getting in and out of your chosen dress so when on stage stripping appears effortless. Remember you want to get in and out of this dress as many times as possible during the course of a shift.

Black is perhaps the best choice for a dress and it can be improved with a hint of a colour or the right trim to draw attention to your assets. For example, some piping along the high split of a dress to accentuate your long legs or some trim on the bust line will soften yet still invite the desired attention to your cleavage. Other strong bold colours such as red, silver or gold make a statement but ensure that these choices complement your skin tone and have some glitz to fire off under the stage lights. Try to avoid prints as they tend to confuse the message you are trying to channel, though on occasion animal prints can bring some tribal fun into the look, but be careful not to overdo it.  

Of course wearing something that is revealing is a great turn on, not only for the spectator but also for the wearer. You should look for a dress that makes you feel good and expresses your personality. Having said that to become a stripper you need to be comfortable with your body and comfortable with others seeing it, so wearing something revealing should not be an issue. It is more important that the dress adds to the flirt and allure rather than be brazen and unrefined.

It should be noted that the “stripper dress” is not fantasy wear or costume. Though strip clubs often host themed nights where fantasy wear such as french maids, nurses and cop uniforms all work well to add to the fun of the night, they are best left to the one off events, as it is hard to develop the regular VIP relationship with a sexy mini mouse. Furthermore costumes are the realm of the show girl and these dresses tend to be very elaborately detailed and customized to wowing an audience rather than creating an erotic allure of the one-on-one dance of a private show.
Understanding these points and working at a venue like Minx where management assists and takes an interest in getting you the right "stripper dress", helps take a lot of the stress out of starting a career as an exotic dancer.  

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