Stripper hustle interview part 1

Posted by minx admin on Thursday, November 28, 2013

Interview with a stripper, Part 1 “the Hustle”

A stripper’s first private show can be one of the scariest and most exciting things for a new dancer to do. Getting naked in front of a complete stranger, and entertaining them with the movement of your body is not for the faint-hearted, but if you own this moment and can hold the attention of your audience, you are on the way to having a successful career as an exotic dancer. Minx, the best strip club in Sydney Australia, interviewed one of it's highest earning strippers for an insight into how you can make the big bucks in this job. Wishing to remain anonymous for this article we will call her Dominique. 

Minx: Dominique, thank you for sharing your experience with us, perhaps you can start by giving us some hints on how to get the guy to book a private show with you?

Dominique: This is often called the hustle, but to be truthful it is more a seduction than a hustle that gets the best result. When I first started dancing, I would ask the guy shamelessly and directly if he wanted to take me for a private show. True, I did get shows but it was very much hit & miss and I began to feel the rejection of the no’s more than the joys of the yes's. Soon I discovered that spending some time with the guys; chatting, smiling and flirting, gave them a chance to become comfortable and familiar with me over a drink. At this point I would introduce the idea of private shows.

Minx: what do you mean by “introduce the idea of a private show”?
stripper seduction private show

Dominique: Well, I might bring into the conversation some fun or experience that I had in a private show on a previous night or I might make an observation of other guys smiling after their show, as they return to the main lounge. It is more about referring to private shows than asking for a private show. Once the conversation and flirting focuses on private shows it won’t be long before his curiosity is aroused enough to ask me for a private show. Some guys unfortunately are slow to ask, particularly if they are getting too comfortable and lost in the conversation. When this happens a great hint I have for new dancers is to find an excuse to leave the table for a short period.

Minx: What reason do you give to be excused?

Dominique: It could simply be that the manager has waved me over, or another guest has arrived that knows me and I want to say a quick hello. Definitely don’t say the bathroom, as the idea is that you want him to watch you as you move around the room. Then when you return to him, he values the fact that you came back to him. From this point on you will soon be able to either get him to book a show or not. If you sense its not going to happen, explain to him that though you are enjoying his company you will have to move on as you are there for a reason, and it never hurts to ask him if there is any other lady that catches his eye who you could introduce to him. These two points leave him with a parting opportunity to say “no you are the one that I want so let’s go for a show”.

Minx: what if he asks me to introduce someone else to him.?

Dominique: I always oblige and am never offended, as we can’t be everyone’s fantasy all the time but helping him find a girl to his liking, saves the other dancers time, by avoiding the small talk and quite often the guy will book me as well just to be his wingman, and hey it pays the same so why not.   

Keep an eye on our blog as in part 2 of Dominique's interview we hear what she gets up to in a private show.  

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