Stripper secret interview part 3 of 3

Posted by minx admin on Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Interview with a Stripper Part III of III

Minx welcomes its highest earning exotic dancer back for the last of this 3 part interview on stripping in private shows, where she shares secrets of her job in the erotic adult world of Sydney's best strip club, Minx.  

Minx: Welcome back Dominique for the final instalment of our blog series on private show fundamentals!

Dominique: Thank you, it’s great to be back. 

Minx: So over the past month you have given us great insight into how to book a private show, and how to behave in a private show, even when customers can get a bit grabby! However this is mainly referring to one-on-one shows. Are the dynamics different when you are working with other dancers and/or more than one customer?

Dominique: Absolutely! Group shows can be super fun, but also super tricky! More often than not, there’s so many things going on that for new dancers especially it can be a bit overwhelming. As an exclusive strip club in Sydney’s CBD, Minx is excellent at catering for corporate functions and events. When corporates come in with their clients, I always grab a few girls that can sit with me and mingle with the group. 

Stipper jobs  at best strip club Sydney Minx

Minx: Why is there a need for extra girls? Wouldn’t you make more money for yourself if you decided to sit with them on your own? 

Dominique: Well, it doesn’t quite work that way. First of all, sitting with a group of guys on your own is very exhausting and tends to limit the group atmosphere. If you have a relatively even ratio of men and women, the atmosphere lifts tremendously as lots of little conversations are going on and everyone is occupied- it becomes more like a party! And from there, the whole group is likely to go for a big show. And big shows go for longer periods of time because naturally, they want to prolong the party. From there, it becomes a snowball effect. The girls that you bring into that show will try and get you into their future shows, and so on and so forth. So effectively, forming allies is a long term investment!

Minx: That’s a fantastic way of looking at it. So obviously group shows vary quite a lot, depending on whether they are buck’s parties, corporate functions, or just a group looking for a good time out. Is there a rule of thumb for how dancers should handle group shows?

Dominique: Yes and no. Like stripping for single customers, each group has a different dynamic from the next. And not only that, the other dancers in the show will add to the dynamic. And this is the most important part! There are often times when entertainers give away too much- like allow touching or get too intoxicated. This becomes troublesome for the other dancers in the show, as the customers then expect the same from them- or focus all their attention on the girl that’s a bit loose. 

Minx: I can see how that would ruin the atmosphere of a private show. So in this scenario, how would you turn things around? 

Dominique: One of the quickest ways is to have a private word with the dancer, and ask her to follow the group’s lead as her behaviour is affecting the show. Otherwise you can quickly excuse yourself from the show, and grab a manager who can talk to her.  

Minx: And what about if the customers are the ones trying to push the boundaries? 

Dominique: It’s quite easy actually. If all the dancers are on the same page, then the customers in the group show will be much more likely to behave according to the rules as you literally have a mini army at your side to set them straight!

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