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Posted by minx admin on Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Top 5 reasons for stripping in Sydney

Sydney is known as “Sin City” and Minx is known as Sydney’s best strip club, but stripping at Minx is not a sin. In fact stripping is a great job and career, particularly when it empowers you and you are seen as the goddess which you are.

A lot of guys fantasize about strippers and adore or even idolise them for the tease and fun that is part of the show and entertainment of being a professional dancer.

Many ladies indulge in thoughts of what it would be like to be a stripper and some think they have what it takes, but it is a brave step to go from thoughts to reality. The question here is what do you need to become a stripper and why should you try it?

What you need is an attitude for fun, enjoy being the center of attention and not shying from the admiration of others. If you are a tortured soul, angry with the world or looking for a quick fix to your problems then stripping is not for you. As a strip tease artist, you are not only physically naked to your audience, but your attitude is also transparent to those in your aura. Hence the key is to have fun with it, feel enriched by every dance and value your audience.

So you got the attitude down and you are prepared to learn the moves, so now you need a reason to turn fantasy into reality. Well here are the top 5 reasons for you to consider.

Reason 1:  money

Working as a stripper allows you to earn big money. Statistics show that strippers earn equal or above that of top computer programmers and strippers spend far fewer hours at work. Also programmers cannot measure job satisfaction by smiles on faces, you get more “likes” by taking your clothes off than writing computer code. 

Minx is well patronized by the top end of town corporate executives and movers & shakers. They work hard and are high earners with a disposable income that is the envy of many, yet they are also generous and ready to play. Consequently Minx dancers are among the top paid in Australia.

Reason 2:  Fun

Dancing is a joy and dancing naked is a freedom. There is never a dull moment in the entertainment and night club business. In an office or admin job you generally are exposed to the same people day in and day out and you run the risk of becoming stale. When you become a striptease artist you are in charge of the exposure and each day presents a new audience and provides the spark that makes life interesting and fun.

Minx has been going strong for ten years and still knows how to keep things fresh and new. Our motto is to “Minx Business with Pleasure” so having fun at work is a rule.

Reason 3: Time

Stripping allows you to break from the drag of nine to five. Not only do you have the time to shop when the stores are open,  you also have the flexibility to determine your availability for shifts. Fitting work around your life schedule is one of the big advantages of a stripping career.

Minx is an elite venue being open only week days thus you are not under pressure to work the weekends, so maintaining a normal social life is still possible. If you are travelling or a tourist on a working visa you still get to enjoy all that Sydney has to offer while earning the income to make it happen.

Reason 4: The sisterhood of strippers

Make no mistake, stripping is not a man’s world, it is empowering to women and those in the know enjoy the sisterhood that exists between ladies that dance naked. Great friendships are made while stripping and endure well past the time that you hang up your G-string. The network of strippers allows girls to travel the world, meeting friends of friends who are like minded and ready to help you get the best from your experience in the business. A job stripping offers one life experiences that extend well past the constraints of a hometown job.

Minx is owned and operated by a female and has an all-female management staff, thus you know that you have a management team that can empathize with your issues and help make your experience as a stripper a rewarding and fun career choice, particularly if you are new to the industry.

Reason 5:  Control

Sydney NSW  has a “no touching  rule” thus you as the dancer have control over a private dance enabling you to perform your sensual dance, free of random and often unwanted physical attention. Such a rule removes the sleaze and brings back the tease in striptease. Empowering women in this way allows the goddess to shine and makes the private dance sexier and more entertaining.

Minx security and management ensures that our dancers are protected and respected while performing shows. Minx has a reputation for care and empathy with its dancers and is well known thoughout the global stripper’s network and this is demonstrated by the constant flow of women applying for work due to word of mouth recommendations.  

Given the above top 5 reasons and the fact that Minx is the best strip club in Sydney to work for, you now know the secrets of how and why to turn fantasy into reality.

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