Stripper interview (part 2)

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Stripper Interview (part 2)

An interview with Dominique 

Learning to become a stripper and understanding that the skills needed to seduce can come naturally in part, but having some hints delivered from a successful Minx Dancer will help ensure that you get the most out of being an exotic entertainer. Minx the best strip club in Sydney, continues with part two of our interview with one of our most successful dancers who to protect the innocent we have called “Dominique”.

Minx: So Dominique last time we spoke we finished off with discussing promoting of other dancers to a patron when he has not chosen you. I don’t imagine this happens often to you and it leads me to ask, beautiful as you are, what are your tips on being noticed over the other dancers?

Stripper lips

Dominique: You know one of the simplest tricks is the old “learn to walk with a book on your head”. Its true models have been doing this for decades and the key of practicing this is that you need to keep your chin up and shoulders back. This in turn allows you to strut your stuff with confidence. It is confidence that the patron first recognizes and it grabs his attention and well, once you have caught their attention half the battle is over.

Minx: what else do you do to catch their attention?

Dominique: good grooming is essential which naturally includes hair, nails, makeup and scent (including sweet smelling breath). There is no prerequisite on style here …. In fact I have known girls that go for an off beat style such as Harajuki or punk, and pull it off because of their confidence and attention to grooming. I believe that if you are going to do something then make sure you do it well. Though there is a risk in these off beat styles having limited appeal to patrons, if you are the only one working it, you can do alright. Irrespective of your style remember good deportment also means minding your P&Q's. So by all means talk provocatively in low voice but avoid swearing, as gutter talk is bogan and trash talking other dancers or patrons is a turnoff to well heeled gentlemen. 

Minx: So costume is a part of your styling?

Dominique: Costume not so much , I mean costumes are fun on themed or fantasy nights  or part of a feature show, but that is where you should leave it otherwise you will be branded as the cowgirl or police chick and this quickly becomes stale. No your outfit should be styled in a revealing way so as to illuminate your assets whether it is a great bust line, hot arse or great legs. We all have something to show and make sure they see it or at least get a glimpse of what can be. It is all about styling not costume.

Minx: can you explain what you mean by “A glimpse of what can be”

Stripper nickers

Dominique: Sure, this is an important part of securing the private show. As by now you have walked into the club lounge with your shoulders back, chin up, exuding confidence with your polished grooming and immaculate styling. You have caught the eye of a patron admiring you. Then either before you go over to him or shortly after introducing yourself, you inadvertently adjust your outfit in such a way as to reveal more than he expected. Thus showing him “a glimpse of what could be” if he was to take you into a private show. Flirt with what you've got in such a way and from a distance to be something he can’t have, or at least not until he books the show. After all a private show is where all the real fun happens 

Minx: That is great advice and I am sure new dancers to stripping will certainly benefit from. Thank you so much for being up front and candid in this interview we really appreciate it.

Dominique: you know it is my pleasure as when I first started at Minx the other dancers were so helpful to me, they guided me through many nervous nights and assisted me in getting the most out of exotic dancing. Even today I am thrilled to be part of the Minx team as everyone from management to other dancers are so supportive and it is rare to see any bitchy behavior. So I am more than happy to give the girls some hints to my success and hope that they too can be successful and happy at Minx, the best strip club in Sydney.


Minx Melbourne Cup Lunch

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Minx Melbourne Cup Lunch

Sydney’s best Melb Cup function

A great Melbourne Cup Lunch is not just about a horse race it is about fun & mate ship and a great day out. The Cup may stop the nation for 3 min but at Minx the party goes on all day and night. Sydney’s best strip club knows how to make this day rock, not only do we have the sexiest and most erotic ladies to entertain you, this year we will be joined by the horn section of a “Blues Brothers Revival Band”. That’s right they are on a mission for Minx, to make this Melb Cup lunch the biggest and best day yet.

On arrival you will be greeted with a naked shot and nibbles as an appetizer to help amp up the day’s proceedings. Entree and Mains will be served peppered with hot full nude entertainment. Big screens ensure that you don’t miss any of the racing action. Holding a sweep and lucky door prizes as well as having a TAB runner gives everyone a chance to be a winner on the day.

Once the meals are served and the race is run other Melb Cup luncheon begin to wind down …… not at Minx …. The end of the main race is the start of the action at Minx. With the tunes of the Blues Brothers belting out, our dancers are sure to bend over and shake their tail feather, so come on, do the twist and shake it with us this year at the Minx Melbourne Cup Lunch    

Book your table now and avoid disappointment ph 1300 789 798 

Takes Two To Tango Shut Door Lunch

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It Takes Two To Tango 

Minx Shut Door Lunch, Friday 6th of September, is set to be a big one. On the eve of our national election we know that the K Rudd v's Abbott will have exhausted all of us. So let them have their TANGO in the polls while you enjoy a tango at Minx with our gorgeous ladies.

From "The last tango in Paris" to the Tango of Latina America, the word Tango has always been associated with a tryst of intense and heightened sexual energy. Minx shut door lunches are renowned for the same energy thus this theme is sure to excite. 

Our dancers are already burning up the stage in anticipation of Tango, but as you would expect prefer to do it in the nude hence raising the spirit of the dance, but alas It takes two to Tango.... So contact us early and book your table online here  or call us on Ph 1300 789798


Stripper Dress

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The Stripper Dress  

If you are thinking of becoming a Stripper, working as an Exotic Dancer or dreaming of being a Burlesque Star, you will be faced with the question of what to wear. No doubt you will end up in your birthday suit, but there is a strategy to getting naked and earning good money in the process. Choosing a club like Minx Gentlemen’s Club with it's high standards, and matching your level of deportment and grooming to those standards, is one of the keys to having a successful stripping career.

Minx Gentlemen’s Club is regarded as Sydney’s best strip club largely because of the class of it's ladies. The dancers, who perform there, are not all from the same “Barbie” mold, they vary in type: from Hollywood glamour to sophisticated chic, from exotic foreign lands to the girl next door. However they all have one thing in common, a sense of style and a grace, which adds to the elegance of how they disrobe. 

There is a myth that stripper clothes need to evoke the trashy slutty side of fashion, well no doubt that would attract attention of the patrons but not the sort of attention that will earn you admiration and money. The truth is you need to dress to create the desired impression on your audience, maintaining an eye catching appearance has a lot to do with the confidence and poise you hold as much as the dress itself. Furthermore the undergarments must further add to you owning the situation. Capturing the attention of patrons this way is one reason why the ladies at Minx are regarded so highly.    

The female management at Minx will assist you in finding the best style that will help make you the centre of attention. We have designed and made many of the outfits worn by our leading dancers and also hold a stock of suitable dresses that are for sale or hire which will help you get a start in the industry. Here are some simple tips to follow that may get you on to the right track in your pursuit to be a successful stripper.

The dress has to fit with your body shape and we know that with each body shape there is a style that is sexy, so find that style and then work it to show off your best assets. Remember sexy can be feminine & sweet, as much as it can be strong & sophisticated. 

Once you have found the right shape dress for your body, you will need to think about how you will be moving when you are on stage. A gown may work if you’re a sensual slow dancer on the podium but not if you are active & athletic on the pole. Sometimes you may have to vary your dance style to your dress or amp up the show once you have stripped off that first layer. 

It is important that the dress is not too complicated in the design. Fumbling with difficult clasps, ties or zips is not a good look and detracts from the tease in strip tease. Also you want to be able to get dressed again with little fuss when exiting the stage or a private show. It is advisable to practice getting in and out of your chosen dress so when on stage stripping appears effortless. Remember you want to get in and out of this dress as many times as possible during the course of a shift.

Black is perhaps the best choice for a dress and it can be improved with a hint of a colour or the right trim to draw attention to your assets. For example, some piping along the high split of a dress to accentuate your long legs or some trim on the bust line will soften yet still invite the desired attention to your cleavage. Other strong bold colours such as red, silver or gold make a statement but ensure that these choices complement your skin tone and have some glitz to fire off under the stage lights. Try to avoid prints as they tend to confuse the message you are trying to channel, though on occasion animal prints can bring some tribal fun into the look, but be careful not to overdo it.  

Of course wearing something that is revealing is a great turn on, not only for the spectator but also for the wearer. You should look for a dress that makes you feel good and expresses your personality. Having said that to become a stripper you need to be comfortable with your body and comfortable with others seeing it, so wearing something revealing should not be an issue. It is more important that the dress adds to the flirt and allure rather than be brazen and unrefined.

It should be noted that the “stripper dress” is not fantasy wear or costume. Though strip clubs often host themed nights where fantasy wear such as french maids, nurses and cop uniforms all work well to add to the fun of the night, they are best left to the one off events, as it is hard to develop the regular VIP relationship with a sexy mini mouse. Furthermore costumes are the realm of the show girl and these dresses tend to be very elaborately detailed and customized to wowing an audience rather than creating an erotic allure of the one-on-one dance of a private show.
Understanding these points and working at a venue like Minx where management assists and takes an interest in getting you the right "stripper dress", helps take a lot of the stress out of starting a career as an exotic dancer.  

Stripping in Sydney

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Top 5 reasons for stripping in Sydney

Sydney is known as “Sin City” and Minx is known as Sydney’s best strip club, but stripping at Minx is not a sin. In fact stripping is a great job and career, particularly when it empowers you and you are seen as the goddess which you are.

A lot of guys fantasize about strippers and adore or even idolise them for the tease and fun that is part of the show and entertainment of being a professional dancer.

Many ladies indulge in thoughts of what it would be like to be a stripper and some think they have what it takes, but it is a brave step to go from thoughts to reality. The question here is what do you need to become a stripper and why should you try it?

What you need is an attitude for fun, enjoy being the center of attention and not shying from the admiration of others. If you are a tortured soul, angry with the world or looking for a quick fix to your problems then stripping is not for you. As a strip tease artist, you are not only physically naked to your audience, but your attitude is also transparent to those in your aura. Hence the key is to have fun with it, feel enriched by every dance and value your audience.

So you got the attitude down and you are prepared to learn the moves, so now you need a reason to turn fantasy into reality. Well here are the top 5 reasons for you to consider.

Reason 1:  money

Working as a stripper allows you to earn big money. Statistics show that strippers earn equal or above that of top computer programmers and strippers spend far fewer hours at work. Also programmers cannot measure job satisfaction by smiles on faces, you get more “likes” by taking your clothes off than writing computer code. 

Minx is well patronized by the top end of town corporate executives and movers & shakers. They work hard and are high earners with a disposable income that is the envy of many, yet they are also generous and ready to play. Consequently Minx dancers are among the top paid in Australia.

Reason 2:  Fun

Dancing is a joy and dancing naked is a freedom. There is never a dull moment in the entertainment and night club business. In an office or admin job you generally are exposed to the same people day in and day out and you run the risk of becoming stale. When you become a striptease artist you are in charge of the exposure and each day presents a new audience and provides the spark that makes life interesting and fun.

Minx has been going strong for ten years and still knows how to keep things fresh and new. Our motto is to “Minx Business with Pleasure” so having fun at work is a rule.

Reason 3: Time

Stripping allows you to break from the drag of nine to five. Not only do you have the time to shop when the stores are open,  you also have the flexibility to determine your availability for shifts. Fitting work around your life schedule is one of the big advantages of a stripping career.

Minx is an elite venue being open only week days thus you are not under pressure to work the weekends, so maintaining a normal social life is still possible. If you are travelling or a tourist on a working visa you still get to enjoy all that Sydney has to offer while earning the income to make it happen.

Reason 4: The sisterhood of strippers

Make no mistake, stripping is not a man’s world, it is empowering to women and those in the know enjoy the sisterhood that exists between ladies that dance naked. Great friendships are made while stripping and endure well past the time that you hang up your G-string. The network of strippers allows girls to travel the world, meeting friends of friends who are like minded and ready to help you get the best from your experience in the business. A job stripping offers one life experiences that extend well past the constraints of a hometown job.

Minx is owned and operated by a female and has an all-female management staff, thus you know that you have a management team that can empathize with your issues and help make your experience as a stripper a rewarding and fun career choice, particularly if you are new to the industry.

Reason 5:  Control

Sydney NSW  has a “no touching  rule” thus you as the dancer have control over a private dance enabling you to perform your sensual dance, free of random and often unwanted physical attention. Such a rule removes the sleaze and brings back the tease in striptease. Empowering women in this way allows the goddess to shine and makes the private dance sexier and more entertaining.

Minx security and management ensures that our dancers are protected and respected while performing shows. Minx has a reputation for care and empathy with its dancers and is well known thoughout the global stripper’s network and this is demonstrated by the constant flow of women applying for work due to word of mouth recommendations.  

Given the above top 5 reasons and the fact that Minx is the best strip club in Sydney to work for, you now know the secrets of how and why to turn fantasy into reality.

End of Financial Year Lunch

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End Of Financial Year Lunch at Minx 

It’s time to reward yourself at the End of Financial Year at Sydney’s Premiere
strip club, Minx, on FRIDAY 28th JUNE.

Treat yourself to a fantastic time at Minx’s shut door lunch to celebrate EOFY. So let us tempt you away from your tedious workload to have a super sexy afternoon with our gorgeous dancers.

You will enjoy being served a 3 course meal, whilst having full attention from our stunning young ladies. There will be great entertainment from our mischievous dancers who will show you the Minx bottom line. What could be better than an afternoon of nude dancing girls, exotic shows , great mood and food. The perfect excuse to get away from that boring office.

You’re welcome to share this great experience so do bring along some friends or colleagues just to mix it up to make it even more fun. Let this EOFY be an unforgettable occasion for you and your group.

Book now as places are limited. Kindly contact us on 1300 789 798 to secure your spots. Price is $180/person.

Work out the bottom line of your financial year’s end @ Minx.

End of Financial Year

Casablanca "Shut Door Lunch"

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Lunch @ Minx

Casablanca comes to minx for the first Shut Door Lunch of 2013

On Friday 22nd of March Minx is holding a shut Door Lunch 

Themed on the classic movie "Casablanca" Holly wood Glam will meet Minx Harem girls in an uncensored version of the like never seen before 
The original movie may have been the best romance story of the silver screen but our live version of "Rick's Cafe Americian"  is a lot sexier.
So with your Fez and Tux on give us your best Bogart impersonation and lock off the afternoon and evening as you wont want to leave once you are caught up with our Hollywood glamour girls and Harem Hussies that are what Minx is famous for.
Oh and when Bella and James kindly ask whether you would like to extend your stay answer "play it again Sam"
As many of you know  "of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world" no one does it like minx 
so book now and have your chance to say " Here's looking at you kid" to one of our stunning Minxettes


Australia Day Party @ Minx

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Minx Australia Day Party 

Its hot & steamy @ Minx this Friday

Kick off  the long Australia Day weekend with a cold beer at the best bar in Sydney where you can watch the hottest girls get naked.

The girls at Minx are back for 2013 and are sexier than ever. We also have a bevy of new girls coming out of the winter from the northern hemisphere and are looking to meet the best Aussie blokes in Sydney, and they have chosen Minx to show you what they've got.

So come in this Friday and help us celebrate the greatest place on earth "Australia"

Australia day party firday 25th Jan

Minx Reopens with a Bang

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Minx is open from Wednesday 9th Jan 

The girls are hot and relaxed from lying on the beach ..... but now they are itching to get back to the club and show off their all over tans....

Yes Minx reopens on Wed the 9th of January and not only do we have our favourite stunning girls back after Christmas, but the phone has run hot with new girls applying to work at Minx and wanting to meet our great patrons....

So don't be shy, tell your wife, mum, office P.A.or even your mistress that you are off to see the night match, but just forget to mention that your team is playing at Minx ....

see you soon  


It Party Time

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Lets Minx it up,  "It's Party Time"

Minx has its 9th Birthday Party on Wed 5th Dec

Then It is HO HO HO all the way to Xmas

That is right the festive season is upon us. First up we have our "VIP birthday party" on Wednesday 5th of December which we are celebrating with a snow theme. As you can imagine the club will be filled with cheeky snow bunnies ready to play. Blow out the candles and be a part of this hot night. Doors open at 6pm with early bird lap-dance gifts with each paid door.

If you are unable to be part of the birthday action don't despair as Minx is naughty but nice for all of December, opening for lunches in the lead up to Christmas. So be good to yourself, pick up the phone and book your office Christmas lunch or dinner, where you know you are going to enjoy more than just the food.

All our Minxettes, Pixies and Nymphs are ready to play up for the month of December and for you to enjoy

On top of usual hours Minx will be opening 

Party Wednesday 5th Birthday party 

Lunch Thursday  13th XXXmas Lunch 

Lunch  Friday 14th XXXmas Lunch 

Party  Monday 17th Naughty But Nice

Lunch Tuesday 18th XXXmas Lunch

Lunch Wednesday 19th  XXXmas Lunch

Lunch Thursday 20th  XXXmas Lunch

Lunch Friday 21st  XXXmas Lunch

Party    Friday 21st  Last chance Party 

Don't be left out in the cold come in and enjoy the festive season with our hot ladies that are always naughty but nice. Call James on 1300 789798 for all your booking inquiries. 

Be the first to know, join Our VIP List 

Receive notice of VIP parties, club news and special offers, signup here :