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Posted by minx admin on Monday, June 24, 2013

Top Three reasons to eat at strip clubs

Sydney is known for its restaurants and eating out, it is also known for Minx Gentlemen's Club, the best strip club in Sydney. The question is, can you get a good meal at a strip club and what type of menu should a Gentlemen's club have?

Let's face it, as a general rule the big attraction of strip clubs is not the food, it's the girls, the more beautiful and sexier they are the better the venue. Though there is a truth in that, it does not mean that you can't dine well at a venue where ladies are dancing naked. If you stop and think about it for a minute you may realize that there is good reason to eat at a strip club venue. Here are the top three reasons;

Reason 1: Guys like to eat. 

They want to eat when they are hungry, they want a drink when they eat, and they want to eat so they can play. You could say men love to "Eat Drink Play". Thus when it comes to choosing a restaurant, the strip club is the natural choice for men, as it is the venue where man can coverall these three points. The trick to success for the club is to supply the best of all three.

At Minx we easily have the best ladies and with our extensive bar selection and cracking cocktails point two is taken care of, and to complete the package the high standard of our kitchen and service has meant that Minx VIP's keep coming back and confidently book a table to entertain, wine & dine their clients and friends.  

Reason 2: Guys can do more than one thing at a time

Dining out at a strip club allows men to prove to their female critics that they can do more than one thing at a time.... We can look at naked women and chew food.

But don't worry about proving a point to others just enjoy the sweet sexy reward of a great culinary experience while feasting your eyes on gorgeous dancers by booking a dinner at Minx

Reason 3: Guys like to be impulsive

Often formal dining experiences are restricted by service times, reservations and  the like. Strip clubs are ready to serve and ready to please. We know the dancers are ready to jump on and give you a lap dance or private show and  a good strip club menu is designed so that  it can also meet the needs of a "spur of the moment diner" with a variety of bar and a la carte dishes ready to serve when you are ready to order  

Minx has gone head to head with Sydney's finer restaurants on a dish by dish basis selecting only the best in quality produce and maintaining the highest standards of preparation, yet our menu is designed and tailored to our patrons preferences. As such we are working to raise the bar again by adding a Tapas selection to our menu thus enhancing Minx as the place to go for a late night supper with the bonus of naughty girls.... so why would you choose any other restaurant!

So there you have it, the three top reasons to eat in a strip club and another reason why Minx is Sydney's best strip club.  

Eating at Strip clubs

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