Sweet Dreams Birthday Party

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Sweet Dreams @Minx 12th Birthday Party

Every night Minx is open is a sweet dream, on Wednesday 2nd of Dec it is even more so, as we celebrate our 12th Birthday with a VIP Party night, that will show you why we are regarded as the best strip club in Sydney.

If watching sexy ladies in dreamy lingerie having pillow fights while sipping on cloud-inspired cocktails is your idea of a fantasy, make sure you are @Minx to enjoy the moment when its a reality. 

Minx making all your fantasies a reality.     

Minx best strip club in sydney

learn to be a Stripper - the first night

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Become a Stripper - The first Night 

Exotic Dancer's First Day

Minx Bar, Sydney CBD’s premium gentleman’s club welcomes back our very successful exotic dancer Dominique, to discuss the nerves and the processes involved in what it’s like to be a stripper for the very first time. Stripping and exotic dancing in a Gentlemen's club is not about pole dancing but being sexy and understanding that it is work and it's a job that you can provide excellent money. Hopefully new Dancers to the industry can learn through some insights from this interview with Dominique, one of the best earning dancers at Minx. 


Dominique, thanks so much for chatting to us again. As we begin to approach the busy end of the year, the club begins to recruit the best sexy women to add to our roster. And more often than not, many of our new recruits are completely green to exotic dancing. What would be your advice for girls new to the adult entertainment industry? 


Thanks for having me back. I have plenty of advice for new strippers! Making the decision to be an exotic dancer can be a very tough one, and in my opinion you’re either suited to stripping or you’re not. If you want to be a high earner in this game, you need to be a natural people person and come in to your first shift open-minded. 


What exactly do you mean by ‘open-minded’? 

Dominique: (laughs) 

I knew you would ask that, and it’s not what you would think. Working in a strip club, you have to be really open to all the different types of people that could walk in the door. The highest, most consistent earners will strike a conversation with everybody whether they look like they will spend or not. Even if they don’t purchase a show with you, they might request you next time they are in or recommend you to one of their friends. And that’s how you develop a good business. 


Thanks Dominique, that’s fantastic advice. Keeping a good attitude in mind, what can new strippers expect when they come in for their first shift at Minx?


New dancers can always expect a really positive and supportive environment from the managers, waitresses, and other more experienced strippers. Once you walk through the Minx doors, you can expect to be greeted by one of our fantastic dance managers. They will take you through some minor paperwork, and give you a detailed tour of the club and introduction to how the club works and how you will make your money from private shows and the podium.


So once the induction is over, what happens next?


After the induction, it’s really up to you what you can do next. I see many new dancers hang back and watch the other exotic entertainers on stage and talking to customers for hours, before they get the courage to talk to someone. 


And do you think that’s the best approach?


Personally, I don’t think so. In my opinion, you’ve already made the crazy decision to be a stripper- take the plunge and get into it straight away! Sit next to a customer who is free, or make a friend with a dancer who is more experienced and they will always help you out. I always try to help out new exotic entertainers when they start out- firstly because I feel like I am paying it forward for the experienced girls that helped me on my first day as a stripper. And secondly, because my regular customers always appreciate some fresh talent, that way we both make some money!


So say a new dancer does decide to take the plunge and gets a private show- what happens after that?


Well I say congratulations- you’ve made it as an exotic entertainer! After that, the world- or should I say ‘strip club’ is your oyster, just roll with it! Keep talking to customers, keep making friends with other dancers, keep a high level of professionalism with the managers, and you will be a high earner in no time!


Dominique, thanks very much for providing what I’m sure is invaluable information for all the beautiful women thinking about becoming an exotic entertainer. Any last words?


Like I mentioned before, open-mindedness really is the key. You can earn your money from all sorts of places and all kinds of customers, so don’t limit yourself to who or what you think will get you some serious cash. Good luck girls!

Stripper interview (part 2)

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Stripper Interview (part 2)

An interview with Dominique 

Learning to become a stripper and understanding that the skills needed to seduce can come naturally in part, but having some hints delivered from a successful Minx Dancer will help ensure that you get the most out of being an exotic entertainer. Minx the best strip club in Sydney, continues with part two of our interview with one of our most successful dancers who to protect the innocent we have called “Dominique”.

Minx: So Dominique last time we spoke we finished off with discussing promoting of other dancers to a patron when he has not chosen you. I don’t imagine this happens often to you and it leads me to ask, beautiful as you are, what are your tips on being noticed over the other dancers?

Stripper lips

Dominique: You know one of the simplest tricks is the old “learn to walk with a book on your head”. Its true models have been doing this for decades and the key of practicing this is that you need to keep your chin up and shoulders back. This in turn allows you to strut your stuff with confidence. It is confidence that the patron first recognizes and it grabs his attention and well, once you have caught their attention half the battle is over.

Minx: what else do you do to catch their attention?

Dominique: good grooming is essential which naturally includes hair, nails, makeup and scent (including sweet smelling breath). There is no prerequisite on style here …. In fact I have known girls that go for an off beat style such as Harajuki or punk, and pull it off because of their confidence and attention to grooming. I believe that if you are going to do something then make sure you do it well. Though there is a risk in these off beat styles having limited appeal to patrons, if you are the only one working it, you can do alright. Irrespective of your style remember good deportment also means minding your P&Q's. So by all means talk provocatively in low voice but avoid swearing, as gutter talk is bogan and trash talking other dancers or patrons is a turnoff to well heeled gentlemen. 

Minx: So costume is a part of your styling?

Dominique: Costume not so much , I mean costumes are fun on themed or fantasy nights  or part of a feature show, but that is where you should leave it otherwise you will be branded as the cowgirl or police chick and this quickly becomes stale. No your outfit should be styled in a revealing way so as to illuminate your assets whether it is a great bust line, hot arse or great legs. We all have something to show and make sure they see it or at least get a glimpse of what can be. It is all about styling not costume.

Minx: can you explain what you mean by “A glimpse of what can be”

Stripper nickers

Dominique: Sure, this is an important part of securing the private show. As by now you have walked into the club lounge with your shoulders back, chin up, exuding confidence with your polished grooming and immaculate styling. You have caught the eye of a patron admiring you. Then either before you go over to him or shortly after introducing yourself, you inadvertently adjust your outfit in such a way as to reveal more than he expected. Thus showing him “a glimpse of what could be” if he was to take you into a private show. Flirt with what you've got in such a way and from a distance to be something he can’t have, or at least not until he books the show. After all a private show is where all the real fun happens 

Minx: That is great advice and I am sure new dancers to stripping will certainly benefit from. Thank you so much for being up front and candid in this interview we really appreciate it.

Dominique: you know it is my pleasure as when I first started at Minx the other dancers were so helpful to me, they guided me through many nervous nights and assisted me in getting the most out of exotic dancing. Even today I am thrilled to be part of the Minx team as everyone from management to other dancers are so supportive and it is rare to see any bitchy behavior. So I am more than happy to give the girls some hints to my success and hope that they too can be successful and happy at Minx, the best strip club in Sydney.


Stripper hustle interview part 1

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Interview with a stripper, Part 1 “the Hustle”

A stripper’s first private show can be one of the scariest and most exciting things for a new dancer to do. Getting naked in front of a complete stranger, and entertaining them with the movement of your body is not for the faint-hearted, but if you own this moment and can hold the attention of your audience, you are on the way to having a successful career as an exotic dancer. Minx, the best strip club in Sydney Australia, interviewed one of it's highest earning strippers for an insight into how you can make the big bucks in this job. Wishing to remain anonymous for this article we will call her Dominique. 

Minx: Dominique, thank you for sharing your experience with us, perhaps you can start by giving us some hints on how to get the guy to book a private show with you?

Dominique: This is often called the hustle, but to be truthful it is more a seduction than a hustle that gets the best result. When I first started dancing, I would ask the guy shamelessly and directly if he wanted to take me for a private show. True, I did get shows but it was very much hit & miss and I began to feel the rejection of the no’s more than the joys of the yes's. Soon I discovered that spending some time with the guys; chatting, smiling and flirting, gave them a chance to become comfortable and familiar with me over a drink. At this point I would introduce the idea of private shows.

Minx: what do you mean by “introduce the idea of a private show”?
stripper seduction private show

Dominique: Well, I might bring into the conversation some fun or experience that I had in a private show on a previous night or I might make an observation of other guys smiling after their show, as they return to the main lounge. It is more about referring to private shows than asking for a private show. Once the conversation and flirting focuses on private shows it won’t be long before his curiosity is aroused enough to ask me for a private show. Some guys unfortunately are slow to ask, particularly if they are getting too comfortable and lost in the conversation. When this happens a great hint I have for new dancers is to find an excuse to leave the table for a short period.

Minx: What reason do you give to be excused?

Dominique: It could simply be that the manager has waved me over, or another guest has arrived that knows me and I want to say a quick hello. Definitely don’t say the bathroom, as the idea is that you want him to watch you as you move around the room. Then when you return to him, he values the fact that you came back to him. From this point on you will soon be able to either get him to book a show or not. If you sense its not going to happen, explain to him that though you are enjoying his company you will have to move on as you are there for a reason, and it never hurts to ask him if there is any other lady that catches his eye who you could introduce to him. These two points leave him with a parting opportunity to say “no you are the one that I want so let’s go for a show”.

Minx: what if he asks me to introduce someone else to him.?

Dominique: I always oblige and am never offended, as we can’t be everyone’s fantasy all the time but helping him find a girl to his liking, saves the other dancers time, by avoiding the small talk and quite often the guy will book me as well just to be his wingman, and hey it pays the same so why not.   

Keep an eye on our blog as in part 2 of Dominique's interview we hear what she gets up to in a private show.  

Why Stripper Shoes

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Why Stripper Shoes

Wearing super sexy platforms completely changes your appearance, attitude and performance. The right shoes give you a style and an ''I'm sexy’’ feeling. Finding the right stripper shoes and the best gentlemen’s club to work in are two of the challenges facing a lady looking for a job as a stripper or exotic dancer. Minx, known as the best strip club in Sydney, has written this blog with the help of its staff to assist women looking to begin a job as a dancer or striptease artist.

So what is special about stripper shoes?

Stripper jobs

1. Clear 

The glass slipper look goes with everything but with the height of the shoe it also creates the illusion that you are floating, a particularly good advantage when performing on stage. They are also easy to maintain and keep clean with a wipe of a damp cloth.

2. Strong

Though they have to look good, stripper shoes are work shoes and thus have to be durable and last the distance. This is why the single molded Perspex shoe is the dancer’s choice. The heels rarely break and the Perspex does not show scuffs and scrapes that come from dancing on a hard stage or doing pole tricks.

3. Height

As a dancer you want to stand out and having the extra height from your shoes will help you here. But don’t start too high as being elegant in an 8 or 10 inch heel does take some practice. A 4 inch heel will have you walking tall to start, so long as you remember to keep your shoulders back. Remember dancers need height so that they can look men in the eye as well as command presence on stage

4. Comfort

That’s right comfort. Stripper shoes are a platform so despite the sometimes outrageous and dizzy heights of the heel, they are matched with a platform so that you do not have to be on the balls of your feet for the whole night. With long shifts of eight plus hours you need to look good with a heel but still be comfortable. When you buy a new pair, wear them in at home so you get used to them thus avoid worrying about blisters at work.

5. Style

Strapless or with straps, slip-on or boot, there is a myriad of styles to suit your foot and preference. When starting out a Velcro strap is a safe style, they look good but are more secure and less likely to fly off doing a pole trick and the Velcro makes it easy to get out of them when performing private shows.   

6. Design 

As someone new to the industry we recommend that your first pair of stripper shoes should be an elegant design, they will serve you well and go with everything. Once you have established yourself as a dancer and are earning great money it is time to invest in your fantasy and have fun with the endless choices. Go for Bling, with diamante crusted sparkles flashing led light heels or go hardcore with spikes and red patent leather. The choice here is all about you and how you want to express yourself. Remember that your customer’s do pick up on you feeling excited and happy and a good pair of stripper shoes can help you earn big money.

Stripper Dress

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The Stripper Dress  

If you are thinking of becoming a Stripper, working as an Exotic Dancer or dreaming of being a Burlesque Star, you will be faced with the question of what to wear. No doubt you will end up in your birthday suit, but there is a strategy to getting naked and earning good money in the process. Choosing a club like Minx Gentlemen’s Club with it's high standards, and matching your level of deportment and grooming to those standards, is one of the keys to having a successful stripping career.

Minx Gentlemen’s Club is regarded as Sydney’s best strip club largely because of the class of it's ladies. The dancers, who perform there, are not all from the same “Barbie” mold, they vary in type: from Hollywood glamour to sophisticated chic, from exotic foreign lands to the girl next door. However they all have one thing in common, a sense of style and a grace, which adds to the elegance of how they disrobe. 

There is a myth that stripper clothes need to evoke the trashy slutty side of fashion, well no doubt that would attract attention of the patrons but not the sort of attention that will earn you admiration and money. The truth is you need to dress to create the desired impression on your audience, maintaining an eye catching appearance has a lot to do with the confidence and poise you hold as much as the dress itself. Furthermore the undergarments must further add to you owning the situation. Capturing the attention of patrons this way is one reason why the ladies at Minx are regarded so highly.    

The female management at Minx will assist you in finding the best style that will help make you the centre of attention. We have designed and made many of the outfits worn by our leading dancers and also hold a stock of suitable dresses that are for sale or hire which will help you get a start in the industry. Here are some simple tips to follow that may get you on to the right track in your pursuit to be a successful stripper.

The dress has to fit with your body shape and we know that with each body shape there is a style that is sexy, so find that style and then work it to show off your best assets. Remember sexy can be feminine & sweet, as much as it can be strong & sophisticated. 

Once you have found the right shape dress for your body, you will need to think about how you will be moving when you are on stage. A gown may work if you’re a sensual slow dancer on the podium but not if you are active & athletic on the pole. Sometimes you may have to vary your dance style to your dress or amp up the show once you have stripped off that first layer. 

It is important that the dress is not too complicated in the design. Fumbling with difficult clasps, ties or zips is not a good look and detracts from the tease in strip tease. Also you want to be able to get dressed again with little fuss when exiting the stage or a private show. It is advisable to practice getting in and out of your chosen dress so when on stage stripping appears effortless. Remember you want to get in and out of this dress as many times as possible during the course of a shift.

Black is perhaps the best choice for a dress and it can be improved with a hint of a colour or the right trim to draw attention to your assets. For example, some piping along the high split of a dress to accentuate your long legs or some trim on the bust line will soften yet still invite the desired attention to your cleavage. Other strong bold colours such as red, silver or gold make a statement but ensure that these choices complement your skin tone and have some glitz to fire off under the stage lights. Try to avoid prints as they tend to confuse the message you are trying to channel, though on occasion animal prints can bring some tribal fun into the look, but be careful not to overdo it.  

Of course wearing something that is revealing is a great turn on, not only for the spectator but also for the wearer. You should look for a dress that makes you feel good and expresses your personality. Having said that to become a stripper you need to be comfortable with your body and comfortable with others seeing it, so wearing something revealing should not be an issue. It is more important that the dress adds to the flirt and allure rather than be brazen and unrefined.

It should be noted that the “stripper dress” is not fantasy wear or costume. Though strip clubs often host themed nights where fantasy wear such as french maids, nurses and cop uniforms all work well to add to the fun of the night, they are best left to the one off events, as it is hard to develop the regular VIP relationship with a sexy mini mouse. Furthermore costumes are the realm of the show girl and these dresses tend to be very elaborately detailed and customized to wowing an audience rather than creating an erotic allure of the one-on-one dance of a private show.
Understanding these points and working at a venue like Minx where management assists and takes an interest in getting you the right "stripper dress", helps take a lot of the stress out of starting a career as an exotic dancer.  

End of Financial Year Lunch

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End Of Financial Year Lunch at Minx 

It’s time to reward yourself at the End of Financial Year at Sydney’s Premiere
strip club, Minx, on FRIDAY 28th JUNE.

Treat yourself to a fantastic time at Minx’s shut door lunch to celebrate EOFY. So let us tempt you away from your tedious workload to have a super sexy afternoon with our gorgeous dancers.

You will enjoy being served a 3 course meal, whilst having full attention from our stunning young ladies. There will be great entertainment from our mischievous dancers who will show you the Minx bottom line. What could be better than an afternoon of nude dancing girls, exotic shows , great mood and food. The perfect excuse to get away from that boring office.

You’re welcome to share this great experience so do bring along some friends or colleagues just to mix it up to make it even more fun. Let this EOFY be an unforgettable occasion for you and your group.

Book now as places are limited. Kindly contact us on 1300 789 798 to secure your spots. Price is $180/person.

Work out the bottom line of your financial year’s end @ Minx.

End of Financial Year

Stripping jobs in Sydney

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Looking for a stripping job in Sydney

Minx Gentlemen's Club is a great place to work as a stripper , dancer or pole dancer, whether you are experienced or new to stripping.   

Ladies, are you looking into starting out as a dancer or stripper? Minx provides you with the best strip club jobs in Sydney. Whether you have danced before or are considering working as a stripper and you are looking for the best place to work at, look no further as Minx would love to meet you and discuss all the advantages of working at our venue.

We pride ourselves in being the best strip club in Sydney, offering many benefits to our dancers in order for professional pole dancers as well as newbies to the industry the opportunity to earn the highest money in Sydney while being in a fun, safe environment.

No experience is needed as we have an all female team of hostesses who are more than happy to guide you through the training process so you can start making money right away.

What we bring:

  • The best dancing venue to work at
  • Friendly, safe and clean environment
  • High profile customers
  • Training sessions with our pleasantly helpful girls
  • Strong reliable computing system to accurately record your earnings
  • Glamorous Hollywood style changing room with couches and lockers
  • House chef
  • Discounts on food and beverages
  • Hire/loan dresses and costumes to help you get ready on your first night
  • A team of hostesses who are willing to help you earn money

Minx Sydney is located in the CBD area. It provides high end patrons and is very convenient. We are well known for being the best stripping venue in Sydney with very high standard of security, providing you great opportunities to earn money.

Regardless of experience, Minx is more than happy to help you work and earn money whilst having fun.

We enjoy being at Minx and we all make sure that you will enjoy being at Minx too!

Strip Jobs Sydney

Casablanca "Shut Door Lunch"

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Lunch @ Minx

Casablanca comes to minx for the first Shut Door Lunch of 2013

On Friday 22nd of March Minx is holding a shut Door Lunch 

Themed on the classic movie "Casablanca" Holly wood Glam will meet Minx Harem girls in an uncensored version of the like never seen before 
The original movie may have been the best romance story of the silver screen but our live version of "Rick's Cafe Americian"  is a lot sexier.
So with your Fez and Tux on give us your best Bogart impersonation and lock off the afternoon and evening as you wont want to leave once you are caught up with our Hollywood glamour girls and Harem Hussies that are what Minx is famous for.
Oh and when Bella and James kindly ask whether you would like to extend your stay answer "play it again Sam"
As many of you know  "of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world" no one does it like minx 
so book now and have your chance to say " Here's looking at you kid" to one of our stunning Minxettes


Minx Reopens with a Bang

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Minx is open from Wednesday 9th Jan 

The girls are hot and relaxed from lying on the beach ..... but now they are itching to get back to the club and show off their all over tans....

Yes Minx reopens on Wed the 9th of January and not only do we have our favourite stunning girls back after Christmas, but the phone has run hot with new girls applying to work at Minx and wanting to meet our great patrons....

So don't be shy, tell your wife, mum, office P.A.or even your mistress that you are off to see the night match, but just forget to mention that your team is playing at Minx ....

see you soon  


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