learn to be a Stripper - the first night

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Become a Stripper - The first Night 

Exotic Dancer's First Day

Minx Bar, Sydney CBD’s premium gentleman’s club welcomes back our very successful exotic dancer Dominique, to discuss the nerves and the processes involved in what it’s like to be a stripper for the very first time. Stripping and exotic dancing in a Gentlemen's club is not about pole dancing but being sexy and understanding that it is work and it's a job that you can provide excellent money. Hopefully new Dancers to the industry can learn through some insights from this interview with Dominique, one of the best earning dancers at Minx. 


Dominique, thanks so much for chatting to us again. As we begin to approach the busy end of the year, the club begins to recruit the best sexy women to add to our roster. And more often than not, many of our new recruits are completely green to exotic dancing. What would be your advice for girls new to the adult entertainment industry? 


Thanks for having me back. I have plenty of advice for new strippers! Making the decision to be an exotic dancer can be a very tough one, and in my opinion you’re either suited to stripping or you’re not. If you want to be a high earner in this game, you need to be a natural people person and come in to your first shift open-minded. 


What exactly do you mean by ‘open-minded’? 

Dominique: (laughs) 

I knew you would ask that, and it’s not what you would think. Working in a strip club, you have to be really open to all the different types of people that could walk in the door. The highest, most consistent earners will strike a conversation with everybody whether they look like they will spend or not. Even if they don’t purchase a show with you, they might request you next time they are in or recommend you to one of their friends. And that’s how you develop a good business. 


Thanks Dominique, that’s fantastic advice. Keeping a good attitude in mind, what can new strippers expect when they come in for their first shift at Minx?


New dancers can always expect a really positive and supportive environment from the managers, waitresses, and other more experienced strippers. Once you walk through the Minx doors, you can expect to be greeted by one of our fantastic dance managers. They will take you through some minor paperwork, and give you a detailed tour of the club and introduction to how the club works and how you will make your money from private shows and the podium.


So once the induction is over, what happens next?


After the induction, it’s really up to you what you can do next. I see many new dancers hang back and watch the other exotic entertainers on stage and talking to customers for hours, before they get the courage to talk to someone. 


And do you think that’s the best approach?


Personally, I don’t think so. In my opinion, you’ve already made the crazy decision to be a stripper- take the plunge and get into it straight away! Sit next to a customer who is free, or make a friend with a dancer who is more experienced and they will always help you out. I always try to help out new exotic entertainers when they start out- firstly because I feel like I am paying it forward for the experienced girls that helped me on my first day as a stripper. And secondly, because my regular customers always appreciate some fresh talent, that way we both make some money!


So say a new dancer does decide to take the plunge and gets a private show- what happens after that?


Well I say congratulations- you’ve made it as an exotic entertainer! After that, the world- or should I say ‘strip club’ is your oyster, just roll with it! Keep talking to customers, keep making friends with other dancers, keep a high level of professionalism with the managers, and you will be a high earner in no time!


Dominique, thanks very much for providing what I’m sure is invaluable information for all the beautiful women thinking about becoming an exotic entertainer. Any last words?


Like I mentioned before, open-mindedness really is the key. You can earn your money from all sorts of places and all kinds of customers, so don’t limit yourself to who or what you think will get you some serious cash. Good luck girls!

Private show, stripper secrets part 2 of 3

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Interview with a Stripper

The Private Show Part II of III

Minx: Thanks so much for coming back Dominique. So picking up where we left off, in Part I you introduced us to ‘private show fundamentals’, where you talked about what budding new dancers should expect when they walk into a private room with a new customer. So what next- how do you keep the customer interested throughout the duration of the show? 

Dominique: Like it is when you first sit a customer down, you really have to decide what they might want from you. For example, many of my regulars are happy to sit and chat for hours while I have my clothes on. And in contrast, I do have some regulars that want to see me dance the whole time! But in general, I do a bit of both. A typical hour show involves small intervals of talking and dancing, and even talking and dancing at the same time. I’ve found that customers love when shows are unpredictable. One of my no-fail tricks in surprising a customer while we are talking in a private show is to gasp mid-sentence, excuse myself profusely for getting carried away with the conversation, and continue dancing. This way the customer thinks his conversation was so interesting he’s made you forget how to do your job, which is the ultimate form of flattery and almost guarantees an extension because he is dying to continue the conversation!

Minx: Wow, you do have plenty of good tricks up your sleeve! But being a good stripper seems to involve good conversational skills. Is this true?

Dominique: It’s not the only thing that gets you shows, but it does help. One of the many perks of having such a social job is that you learn so much from the conversations that you have with customers. I’ve learnt so many things about the legal system, science, philosophy, business, sports, even the sex industry!  But you have to be careful that you never really ask about a customer’s personal life, unless of course they want to divulge that information with you. 

Minx: And why is that? 

Dominique: Well think about it. Many customers have families and important businesses that they might want to keep on the down-low when they walk into a strip club. Just like new dancers choose to have a stage name to differentiate themselves from who they are during the day, some customers like to escape reality a little and distance themselves from what they do in the real world. 

Minx: That’s fair enough. So you’ve breezed through the easy customers. But obviously you get some customers who don’t always follow the rules?

Dominique: Definitely. Especially on busier nights like Thursday and Friday, while you still get your regulars you also get lots of the public coming through. 

Minx: I would imagine the Thursday and Friday crowd would be quite rowdy. Is this the case?

Dominique: Honestly, in all my years working at Minx I have never come across a situation that either management or security can’t handle. As Minx is the most exclusive gentleman’s club in Sydney, the security at the front door is always right on top of screening customers in case they might want to cause trouble. Additionally, the beautiful managers running the floor are great at spotting and amending problems either when or before they happen. 

Minx: So it sounds all well and good on the floor. But what about dealing with a potential troublemaker in a private show?  

Dominique: I really think it’s about how you handle them. Many new strippers fall into the trap of letting the customers decide for themselves what they can and can’t do, but you need to draw a distinct line about the rules. In group shows especially, hands can go all over the place! As Minx is a non-touching club, being caught allowing customers to touch you can get you into a lot of trouble. If a customer ever decides to get a little ‘grabby’, I calmly hold his hands and place them by his sides. If they continue to touch, then I make him sit on his hands. Another version that works a treat is to tie his wrists up behind his back with my bra! Also, I like to let them know that the more they behave, the more they see. That puts them in their place quite quickly! 

Minx: That’s fantastic advice for new dancers. So far you have explained in detail about what new exotic entertainers might expect when they do private shows. Is there anything else to learn?
Dominique: Absolutely! As a dancer you have to be prepared for anything and everything! Next week I was really hoping to go into group show dynamics, and working well with other dancers in a private show, which is such an important part of doing well and earning big money at Minx.

Minx: And why is that?

Dominique: (winks) Well I guess you’ll have to tune in next time and see…

Private show, stripper secrets part 1 of 3

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Interview with a Stripper

The Private Show Part I of III

Minx: Dominique, since you have been such a big hit on our blog, we wanted to further probe you in helping new dancers gain some insight into the life of an exotic entertainer. You have mentioned already the importance of preparing for the podium, but what about the private show? Why is it so important?

Dominique: Every dancer needs to understand that the private show is always going to be their primary source of income. No matter which strip club you work in, and no matter how the system is set up, making customers get up and purchase a show is what effectively pays you. Although tips are great, from my experience I have seen many a stripper make the mistake of neglecting to sell private shows, and ask for tips from various customers on the floor instead. 

Minx: So what are the consequences of this?

Dominique: What happens is that they become too reliant on the tips, and either lose the knack or motivation to sell a private show when there are limited tips available. As Minx is the most exclusive gentleman’s club in Sydney, we have many regulars who don’t like being pushed into tipping girls when they know they can get much more for their money in a private room. Also, dancers who rely on tips often isolate themselves from the other entertainers which makes it difficult for them to get into group shows. As many of the high rollers at Minx like to bring their clients in and spend the night away, these group shows tend to make up a lot of your earnings over and above what you’d get from cash tips. 

Minx: That’s great insight. And forgive me for being so naïve, but what actually happens once you get customers into a private room?

Dominique: (Laughs) Plenty of things! As much as you are selling yourself on the floor and on podium, once the customer has purchased a show the sale isn’t done yet. They can always extend! Once I have escorted my customer into our private room, I always make sure they are seated and comfortable, and make some light conversation to keep the mood if they are a little nervous. 

Minx: And from there? How do you know what different customers want?

Dominique: It really just depends on who you get. But generally I assume that all the clients I get want nudity, even if they don’t want to admit it. After all it is what they paid for! When training new exotic entertainers, I always reinforce the importance of starting off with a slow and sensual strip tease. For two main reasons- firstly, so you can gauge how your customer is feeling and determine what they want out of your show. Secondly, so you don’t tire out too quickly. I have seen many new dancers come out of a 30 minute show exhausted because they have come in with all guns blazing! Also, you have to keep in mind that your customer might extend. I once booked 30 minutes with one customer who ended up extending for four extra hours! 

Minx: Wow. There are so many more questions for me to ask but it seems you have to go on podium soon. Are you able to enlighten us another time?

Dominique: Of course! There are so many aspects to a private show we would be here all week if I went through it all at once. Besides, topics like performing in group shows and dealing with different types of customers need to be explained in detail. See you soon! 

Stripper hustle interview part 1

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Interview with a stripper, Part 1 “the Hustle”

A stripper’s first private show can be one of the scariest and most exciting things for a new dancer to do. Getting naked in front of a complete stranger, and entertaining them with the movement of your body is not for the faint-hearted, but if you own this moment and can hold the attention of your audience, you are on the way to having a successful career as an exotic dancer. Minx, the best strip club in Sydney Australia, interviewed one of it's highest earning strippers for an insight into how you can make the big bucks in this job. Wishing to remain anonymous for this article we will call her Dominique. 

Minx: Dominique, thank you for sharing your experience with us, perhaps you can start by giving us some hints on how to get the guy to book a private show with you?

Dominique: This is often called the hustle, but to be truthful it is more a seduction than a hustle that gets the best result. When I first started dancing, I would ask the guy shamelessly and directly if he wanted to take me for a private show. True, I did get shows but it was very much hit & miss and I began to feel the rejection of the no’s more than the joys of the yes's. Soon I discovered that spending some time with the guys; chatting, smiling and flirting, gave them a chance to become comfortable and familiar with me over a drink. At this point I would introduce the idea of private shows.

Minx: what do you mean by “introduce the idea of a private show”?
stripper seduction private show

Dominique: Well, I might bring into the conversation some fun or experience that I had in a private show on a previous night or I might make an observation of other guys smiling after their show, as they return to the main lounge. It is more about referring to private shows than asking for a private show. Once the conversation and flirting focuses on private shows it won’t be long before his curiosity is aroused enough to ask me for a private show. Some guys unfortunately are slow to ask, particularly if they are getting too comfortable and lost in the conversation. When this happens a great hint I have for new dancers is to find an excuse to leave the table for a short period.

Minx: What reason do you give to be excused?

Dominique: It could simply be that the manager has waved me over, or another guest has arrived that knows me and I want to say a quick hello. Definitely don’t say the bathroom, as the idea is that you want him to watch you as you move around the room. Then when you return to him, he values the fact that you came back to him. From this point on you will soon be able to either get him to book a show or not. If you sense its not going to happen, explain to him that though you are enjoying his company you will have to move on as you are there for a reason, and it never hurts to ask him if there is any other lady that catches his eye who you could introduce to him. These two points leave him with a parting opportunity to say “no you are the one that I want so let’s go for a show”.

Minx: what if he asks me to introduce someone else to him.?

Dominique: I always oblige and am never offended, as we can’t be everyone’s fantasy all the time but helping him find a girl to his liking, saves the other dancers time, by avoiding the small talk and quite often the guy will book me as well just to be his wingman, and hey it pays the same so why not.   

Keep an eye on our blog as in part 2 of Dominique's interview we hear what she gets up to in a private show.  

Why Stripper Shoes

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Why Stripper Shoes

Wearing super sexy platforms completely changes your appearance, attitude and performance. The right shoes give you a style and an ''I'm sexy’’ feeling. Finding the right stripper shoes and the best gentlemen’s club to work in are two of the challenges facing a lady looking for a job as a stripper or exotic dancer. Minx, known as the best strip club in Sydney, has written this blog with the help of its staff to assist women looking to begin a job as a dancer or striptease artist.

So what is special about stripper shoes?

Stripper jobs

1. Clear 

The glass slipper look goes with everything but with the height of the shoe it also creates the illusion that you are floating, a particularly good advantage when performing on stage. They are also easy to maintain and keep clean with a wipe of a damp cloth.

2. Strong

Though they have to look good, stripper shoes are work shoes and thus have to be durable and last the distance. This is why the single molded Perspex shoe is the dancer’s choice. The heels rarely break and the Perspex does not show scuffs and scrapes that come from dancing on a hard stage or doing pole tricks.

3. Height

As a dancer you want to stand out and having the extra height from your shoes will help you here. But don’t start too high as being elegant in an 8 or 10 inch heel does take some practice. A 4 inch heel will have you walking tall to start, so long as you remember to keep your shoulders back. Remember dancers need height so that they can look men in the eye as well as command presence on stage

4. Comfort

That’s right comfort. Stripper shoes are a platform so despite the sometimes outrageous and dizzy heights of the heel, they are matched with a platform so that you do not have to be on the balls of your feet for the whole night. With long shifts of eight plus hours you need to look good with a heel but still be comfortable. When you buy a new pair, wear them in at home so you get used to them thus avoid worrying about blisters at work.

5. Style

Strapless or with straps, slip-on or boot, there is a myriad of styles to suit your foot and preference. When starting out a Velcro strap is a safe style, they look good but are more secure and less likely to fly off doing a pole trick and the Velcro makes it easy to get out of them when performing private shows.   

6. Design 

As someone new to the industry we recommend that your first pair of stripper shoes should be an elegant design, they will serve you well and go with everything. Once you have established yourself as a dancer and are earning great money it is time to invest in your fantasy and have fun with the endless choices. Go for Bling, with diamante crusted sparkles flashing led light heels or go hardcore with spikes and red patent leather. The choice here is all about you and how you want to express yourself. Remember that your customer’s do pick up on you feeling excited and happy and a good pair of stripper shoes can help you earn big money.

Stripping in Sydney

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Top 5 reasons for stripping in Sydney

Sydney is known as “Sin City” and Minx is known as Sydney’s best strip club, but stripping at Minx is not a sin. In fact stripping is a great job and career, particularly when it empowers you and you are seen as the goddess which you are.

A lot of guys fantasize about strippers and adore or even idolise them for the tease and fun that is part of the show and entertainment of being a professional dancer.

Many ladies indulge in thoughts of what it would be like to be a stripper and some think they have what it takes, but it is a brave step to go from thoughts to reality. The question here is what do you need to become a stripper and why should you try it?

What you need is an attitude for fun, enjoy being the center of attention and not shying from the admiration of others. If you are a tortured soul, angry with the world or looking for a quick fix to your problems then stripping is not for you. As a strip tease artist, you are not only physically naked to your audience, but your attitude is also transparent to those in your aura. Hence the key is to have fun with it, feel enriched by every dance and value your audience.

So you got the attitude down and you are prepared to learn the moves, so now you need a reason to turn fantasy into reality. Well here are the top 5 reasons for you to consider.

Reason 1:  money

Working as a stripper allows you to earn big money. Statistics show that strippers earn equal or above that of top computer programmers and strippers spend far fewer hours at work. Also programmers cannot measure job satisfaction by smiles on faces, you get more “likes” by taking your clothes off than writing computer code. 

Minx is well patronized by the top end of town corporate executives and movers & shakers. They work hard and are high earners with a disposable income that is the envy of many, yet they are also generous and ready to play. Consequently Minx dancers are among the top paid in Australia.

Reason 2:  Fun

Dancing is a joy and dancing naked is a freedom. There is never a dull moment in the entertainment and night club business. In an office or admin job you generally are exposed to the same people day in and day out and you run the risk of becoming stale. When you become a striptease artist you are in charge of the exposure and each day presents a new audience and provides the spark that makes life interesting and fun.

Minx has been going strong for ten years and still knows how to keep things fresh and new. Our motto is to “Minx Business with Pleasure” so having fun at work is a rule.

Reason 3: Time

Stripping allows you to break from the drag of nine to five. Not only do you have the time to shop when the stores are open,  you also have the flexibility to determine your availability for shifts. Fitting work around your life schedule is one of the big advantages of a stripping career.

Minx is an elite venue being open only week days thus you are not under pressure to work the weekends, so maintaining a normal social life is still possible. If you are travelling or a tourist on a working visa you still get to enjoy all that Sydney has to offer while earning the income to make it happen.

Reason 4: The sisterhood of strippers

Make no mistake, stripping is not a man’s world, it is empowering to women and those in the know enjoy the sisterhood that exists between ladies that dance naked. Great friendships are made while stripping and endure well past the time that you hang up your G-string. The network of strippers allows girls to travel the world, meeting friends of friends who are like minded and ready to help you get the best from your experience in the business. A job stripping offers one life experiences that extend well past the constraints of a hometown job.

Minx is owned and operated by a female and has an all-female management staff, thus you know that you have a management team that can empathize with your issues and help make your experience as a stripper a rewarding and fun career choice, particularly if you are new to the industry.

Reason 5:  Control

Sydney NSW  has a “no touching  rule” thus you as the dancer have control over a private dance enabling you to perform your sensual dance, free of random and often unwanted physical attention. Such a rule removes the sleaze and brings back the tease in striptease. Empowering women in this way allows the goddess to shine and makes the private dance sexier and more entertaining.

Minx security and management ensures that our dancers are protected and respected while performing shows. Minx has a reputation for care and empathy with its dancers and is well known thoughout the global stripper’s network and this is demonstrated by the constant flow of women applying for work due to word of mouth recommendations.  

Given the above top 5 reasons and the fact that Minx is the best strip club in Sydney to work for, you now know the secrets of how and why to turn fantasy into reality.

New Website

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Welcome to our new website

Minx has always been a social place and one that has always warmly welcomed back every member each time they visit our establishment, and now we are getting even more social with the launch of our new website, face book pages and twitter.

We are aiming to keep you all in the loop and make it easier for you to be updated on what is happening at Minx. 

Sharon will be tweeting to our staff and patrons who care to follow. This will give you a new spin on all the gossip and an ability to get the inside running on how our roster is looking with your favorite ladies as well as an intro to new girls thus giving you a chance to be among the first to meet them. 

Like the CBD of Sydney we aim to keep Minx vibrant and on the pulse and so if you have an impulse to know what is happening and who is getting naked then tune into the new social Minx. 

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