House Policy

Minx operates a safe and secure venue.

At Minx we diligently maintain a safe and secure venue. Minx operates legally within the laws of NSW and the Commonwealth of Australia.

Minx has additional house rules and policies to ensure the optimum ambiance is maintained for your comfort and enjoyment. 

Our door policy, house rules, dress code and security are in place to maintain that caliber of patrons that would be expected to have access to such an exclusive venue.

Please click on the items below for the details of our rules and policies.

1. Disorderly Behaviour

persons who are violent, quarrelsome or disorderly in their behaviour will be ejected or refused entry to the venue. 

2. Dress code

Minx reserves its legal right to refuse entry to any patron not deemed suited to its establishment 

(a) this inclues patrons not meeting our dress code of smart casual ( No shorts, No hats, No thongs.) Patrons must have tidy pants, clean shoes, and a collared shirt; polo shirts are acceptable

(b) any person associated with or wearing any clothing, jewellery or accessories linked with outlaw motorcycle gangs and/or organised crime gangs including their name, colours, patches, insignia or logo or the 1% or 1%'er symbol will be refused entry.

3. Illicit Drugs

Consumption, distribution or holding of illicit drugs on our premise is not allowed and discovery of such will lead to ejection from the venue.  

4. Intoxication

Persons may be ejected or refused entry to the venue if they are intoxicated.

5. Leaving the Venue

We ask patrons to show respect to our neighbours by leaving the premise in a quiet and orderly fashion.

When a person is ejected or refused entry, they are required by law to leave the venue and move on at least 50 meters from the venue's immediate vicinity, not to re-enter or remain in the vicinity for 6 hours and not to re-enter the venue for 24 hours.(ref section 77 of the liquor Act 2007) 

6. Licence

A person who behaves in a way that causes the venue to commit an offence under the liquor laws or its D.A. (development application) may be ejected or refused entry.  

7. Smoking

Minx as with all clubs and venues in NSW is a non smoking establishment 

Pass outs for readmission are available to patrons wishing to leave the venue for a cigarette and then return.

8. Solicitation

Solicitation for prostitution is not allowed on the premises of Minx.  

9. Touching

As with all strip clubs in NSW, no touching of the dancers is allowed 

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